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2011 liberalis

liberalis ·

die Freiheit betreffend · Tanz des Verstehens
pursuit of liberty·
persuit of happiness

2010 the hybrid fuels ...

the hybrid fuels ...

suddenly this inside
  plötzlich diese Einsicht

2009 no fixed points

20 Jahre / years KUNST+PROJEKTE
... keine Fixpunkte im Raum
... no fixed points in space

... on peas ...

… auf der Erbse …  on peas
– strange connections –
kunst und moden
 art and fashion


Ivo Wessel
Kunst und Literatur,
und Deklinationen

2004-6 Fama Fluxus Mythos Beuys - Projekt 2004-6


Yellow PERIL,!
c'est moi.
N. J. Paik

Legende Paik


1 site - 2 places1site-

Plural Skulpture
Jochen Gerz

photo album


2012 !Perla_Miseria!


Tina Bara / Alba D'Urbano

17 November 2012 - 13 January 2013


curator: Ingrid Burgbacher-Krupka

Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen
Marktplatz 1
71063 Sindelfingen
Tel. +49 (0) 7031 943 25
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“!Perla_Miseria!” is the result of a pun: In Italian “Per la miseria!” is a common swear word, meaning “what a bummer!”. When put together, an ironical contrasting pair is formed, which is also understandable in English: Pearl-Misery. Further associations point towards thematic complexes that the artists deal with: Beauty–ugliness, wealth–adversity are always coupled with social and political processes and bodily representations.

Bellissima, Politecnico, [Back Stage], 2006 / 2009

In this context, Tina Bara and Alba D'Urbano thematise various topics, that deal with the constitution and the media's handling of (female) bodies. In the exhibited works, connections can be made with sports, politics, discipline, control and surveillance, but also to self-determined oppositional strategies of game.

Disturbo Mentale: Evil Nails, 2011Disturbo Mentale

The images and videos in contrast to the visuality of mass media, form a type of counterpoint by working with shifting “surfaces” and actions in regards to the portrayed. Thus the artistic duo combine documentary strategies with performative image compositions, narrative with conceptual elements, to which textual and auditive layers are added, that hint towards specific biographical and social contexts. In connection with each theme, the individual is placed into a relationship between remembrance and the present, as well as the utopian moments of associations that it entails, via general contemporary questions in a biographical context.

-> alba d'urbano • tina bara

Covergirl: Wespen-Akte: Story Tales, 2008 –2009

750 pictures for Sindelfingen
using camera obscura

Andreas Hauser: camera obscura
by Andreas Hauser,